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Resources for Parenting Teenagers

As United Methodists, we believe that spiritual growth and development are essential for individuals and families. As a parent, you can utilize various spiritual tools and resources to nurture your faith and guide your family on their own spiritual journeys. The United Methodist Church offers a range of resources, including devotionals, prayer books, and youth Bible studies, that can help you cultivate a deeper sense of connection with God and your loved ones.

Additionally, our church offer a variety of programs and activities designed specifically for families, such as Sunday school classes, youth groups, and community service projects, which can help you model Christian values and practices for your children. By incorporating these spiritual tools and resources into your daily life, you can help your family grow in faith, build stronger relationships with each other and with God, and become the people God has called you to be.

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The Upper Room Devotional is a daily devotional guide that provides spiritual insights and guidance. It offers reflections from real people, biblical verses, prayers and insightful articles.

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We believe that the uniqueness of church stems from more than just the Sunday sermon; it also lies in the spiritual bonds we form with God and with one another.

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Utilize digital resources to enhance your relationship with God.

Engage with God in fresh and thrilling means through thought-provoking devotionals, captivating podcasts, and inspirational videos.

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Small Groups

Joining a Small Group can provide support, community, and spiritual growth, no matter your life stage or schedule.

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Pray for You

We believe in the transformative power of prayer and would be honored to support you by lifting your needs up in prayer.