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We are here for you

60 Years. And counting.

We are real people in your community.

We are a United Methodist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serving the families and communities of Northeast Heights area for the past 60 years. 

We are a gathering of spiritual pilgrims connected by a journey to discover the deep beauty and joy of Jesus’ love. Jesus is transforming us into a new kind of people who live courageously, embrace others, and practice compassion.

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Welcome Team
Pastor Vernon Contemporary Worship Service
pastor vernon and victoria

I'm Vernon.

We are very blessed that you are exploring our website and learning more about St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.


As Senior Pastor, I invite you to attend one of our worship services to continue your exploration of us and how we may serve you.


We work to involve everyone because everyone is welcome here. Since 1958, people have sought us out for inspiration, guidance, and service. 


For nearly six decades, we have been located at 9500 Constitution Avenue NE, worshiping in the glory of momentous music and strong Biblical preaching! The ancient trusted and inspired Word of God continues to be incarnated here as a powerful, personal experience.


Again, thank you for visiting our website.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 


God Bless.

Pastor Vernon

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our mission is simple

connect people
transform lives

Volunteering and Serving at St. Paul's
Jesus Creative Art by Youth of St. Paul's

We believe in love.

We believe God is Love. Although humankind falls short of God’s deepest dream for our lives, God so loved the world that Jesus was sent to offer New Life to all.

At St. Paul’s, New Life is developed in three arenas: 


WorshipBecoming Community, and Engage Mission.


Meet our Staff

Meet a team that is passionate about Jesus and serving others at

St. Paul's and their surrounding community.

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pastor vernon baker

Pastor Vernon
Senior Pastor

Church Secretary

Donna Hestwood

Church Secretary

Childcare Director

Gemma Strong

Director of Precious Possibilities

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Director of Chancel Choir

Lauren Dekleva

Lauren Dekleva

Flame Worship Leader

Laura Frey
Financial Administrator

Martha Dalager